African Capital Alliance (ACA) takes its responsibility to our investors, employees, partners and the wider society seriously. We are committed to investing in businesses that are financially, environmentally and socially sustainable.

Our overarching ESG objective is to ensure improved environmental and social performance in our operations, our portfolio companies and within our general sphere of influence. Our specific policy objectives are to:

  • Establish sustainability standards, procedures and indices across our direct operations and those of our portfolio companies
  • Minimise or eliminate any negative environmental and social impact that could be caused by our operations, or those of our portfolio companies
  • Avoid or minimize pollution, emissions, solid waste, excessive use of natural resources, environmental degradation and socio-cultural pathologies wherever we or our portfolio companies operate
  • Achieve positive economic value for our employees, shareholders, investors, clients and society

ACA also complies with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) performance standards in managing its environmental and social risks.