The ACA Way

The ACA Way refers to the core elements of our business model, which are presented below:

  • Our Culture; Our Values
    A high-performance culture characterized by flawless execution and world class practices
  • Value Investing
    Buying well with attractive margins of safety and potential upsides for significant growth
  • Value Addition
    Actively partnering with our investees and leveraging local knowledge and networks for superior value creation.

Our high performance culture; investment competencies & local networks; and strong commitment to growth investing are integral to our market place successes.

The strength of our model is proven by our track record with portfolio company performance, employee engagement and investor satisfaction, which we achieve by:

  • Backing the right people in deals with the right structure at the right price
  • Selecting our markets and industries carefully
  • Establishing on-the-ground presence and networks through local subsidiaries
  • Hiring the very best and empowering them to perform
  • Reinforcing a culture of teamwork and productivity