Investment Philosophy

We have a proven investment approach that has been developed over many years and is based on our deep knowledge of African markets and the opportunities they present.

Our logo, depicted by three interlocking circles, represents our commitment to growing markets through the efficient deployment of capital and management expertise.


We focus on high potential investments in attractive sectors. Our portfolio companies typically offer a new or differentiated product or service to Africa’s rapidly growing customer base. In other instances, our portfolio companies seek to capitalize on policy changes and reforms that are creating new opportunities.

Our strong networks and deep knowledge of our target markets have often facilitated close access to attractive and proprietary investments.


We partner with experienced management teams and passionate entrepreneurs with demonstrable track record and high levels of professional and personal integrity. We are able to obtain intelligence on prospective management teams from our extensive and trusted networks to ensure we only back the right individuals.

Internally, we seek to hire the very best and empower them to perform. Our investment teams include former executives from some of Africa’s largest businesses who are capable of adding value by providing guidance and thought leadership to portfolio companies. All our employees are afforded extensive training and development opportunities. We also actively support their exposure to nation building and leadership initiatives.


With respect to our general private equity funds, we prefer to invest in businesses with a demonstrable track record and compelling growth prospects. Presently, we believe growth capital investments offer our investors the best opportunity for attractive risk-adjusted returns in sub-Saharan Africa. Through our real estate funds, we provide equity to high-quality developments that address a clear market need.

In line with our commitment to building financial partnerships that work, we seek:

  • Alignment with our owner-manager and investor partners
  • Strong governance rights and a commitment to adhere to best practice Environment, Social & Governance standards
  • A fair valuation that recognizes each business’s accomplishments prior to our involvement; provides for a margin of safety, and opportunities to create mutually beneficial value in the course of the investment period